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Henna Tattoo - FAQ



What are the colors available to perform?

Natural Henna colour which is a Herbal Henna. The color usualy depending on how it sets on your skin. It may be dark or light brown

How long the henna tattos will last?

Most of the time they will last between 5 days to 2 weeks depending on your skin type and also depends upon your daily activities. Swimming may fade the henna tattoo faster becuase of Chlorin in the water.

Is it painful as the Permanant tattoo?

First of all henna tattoo does not uses needle. Henna artist uses all natural henna that is harmless and unallergic  to skin and henna tattoo  procedure is absolutely painless!

What is the price range?

It depends up on the design/shape and size. But our base rate starts from $7.

How many people can get their henna tattoos in an hour when hire for parties?

Roughly about 10 kids in an hour, each henna takes around 5 to 7 mins to draw again it depends upon the design and the size. However, if you have more kids with limited hours, you can always request for simpler designs to be drawn. :)Our professional henna artists can draw simple designs like flowers/ butterflies/Turtle/frogs in faster speed.

Why Cosmos Henna boutique Henna service?

Experienced, Professional, Young and Lively Henna Tattoo Artist at the store for walk-in service. Have a cafe inside the store which is adding more fun to your group.

We offer services for all sorts of events from Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Fund Raising Events, Carnivals, Corporate Events, to kids parties and so on! Flexible designs and patterns as per your wish. A wide range of mehndi or kids designs to choose from!

How to contact if needed?

You can email us at OR call us at 785-856-0080



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