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Henna facts

Facts to know before hire a Henna Tattoo Artist

Henna is plant that has a dye, lawsone, in its leaves, and that dye will stain skin, fingernails and hair.  The henna artist will apply henna paste in patterns on your skin, and that will leave a temporary stain on your skin when the paste falls off.  The henna stain will be orange when the paste comes off, and then that stain will get darker to a dark brick red  color or brown color in 48 hours.   

Henna patterns can be small or big, intricate or easy. The henna patterns on skin can last from 1 – 2 weeks.  Henna stain lasts longest on palms and soles.  Henna stain has a short life on upper arms, backs, and faces.

Henna tattoo is NOT a permanent tattoo.  Henna designs and patterns are not permanent.  Henna artists dont use needles for their application on your skin.

Henna paste should stay on the skin for several hours or over night for the best possible stain. The application needs to be moisted once in 30 minutes with some lime juice or sugar water to get more henna extract in to your skin.  If your party activities are such that the people cannot keep henna paste on their skin, the stain will be lighter in brown and fainter.  Activities that lead to “henna mishaps” are dancing, swimming, and rambunctious or drunken behavior.

Henna does not have any particular religious or nation significance. Even though the henna art mainly cultivated from India, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and many other groups of people have used henna in their social celebrations. Even though Henna or Mehndi is primarily a women’s art,it is not forbidden to men.

Dark brown or red is the normal color for henna. Along with henna paste, the henna artist may use other ingredients such as “mehndi oil”, clove oil, and citronella oil.  Natural henna has a very high level of safety, and allergic reactions are very rare. At Cosmos Indian store we sell and use nature pure herbal henna.

We’ve performed lot of henna applications to our patrons and attended and performed several home parties.  We have artists that are experienced with every size and kind of event.  Depends upon the size of the event, you may need more than one artist.  Rates are per artist and per hour but we can usually provide as many as you need.

Please feel free to contact us at for any inquiry.


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